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GGS Consultants excel at analysing, reviewing and advising on a wide spectrum of security subjects


Security Consultancy Services

Threat Assessment & Risk Analysis

GGS Consultants will analyse the security-related Threats and the Risks of harm, damage or loss that you or your business may be exposed to presently or in the future. We will analyse the Likelihood, the Potential Impact and Consequences of the threats and risks and make recommendations of security measures to lower the risks.

Security Surveys

GGS Consultants will conduct an in-depth onsite analysis of your Residence or Business Premises to review the current security measures in place protecting your assets, with a view to identify any risks or vulnerabilities and make recommendations of security measures to lower the risks.

Security Consultancy

GGS Consultants can provide Advice, Guidance or Help with any security-related tasks.

Any advice given will be well presented either in a report or a presentation to you that is of Quality, Objective, Credible and is Clear to understand




Security Consultancy Services

Close protection

We can advise on all aspects of Close Protection including Threat and Risk Assessments, Conducting Close Protection Operations, Secure Transport (air, Land and Sea), Secure Accommodation, and recruitment of suitable Close Protection Personnel.

Physical security

We can conduct a Security Survey of your Residence or Office and give recommendations and advice on Perimeter Security, Closed Circuit Television, Building Security, Doors and Locks, Intrusion Detection and Security Personnel.

Travel security

We can advise Individuals, Businesses or Organisations, on how to keep themselves or their employees safe while they are travelling overseas, including areas considered to be a Volatile or Hostile Environment.

emergency planning

We can advise any Individuals, Businesses and Organisations preparing Emergency Plans to help Prepare for, Respond to and Recover from incidents such as Natural Hazards, Information Technology breaches, Terrorism, Civil Unrest or a Mass Illness/Pandemic.

disaster recovery

We can advise businesses or private families on how to recover and continue after a Natural or Human induced disaster.

Security Management

We can manage all parts of a Security Programme, we can advise on subjects such as Security Strategies, Security Planning, Security Policies and Security Procedures.

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