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As a career police detective, experienced security professional and former Head of Security for a royal Head of State I wholly recommend the security services of Gordon Galloway of GGS Consultants. I was delighted to have first met Gordon approximately seven years ago when he worked for me as a close protection officer with the younger adults of the royal family.  Whilst he was ideally suited to this role he was equally comfortable with the older members of the family.  I was always confident that they were always in safe hands when Gordon was on duty.  He proved to be a popular member of my staff.  His work ethic was impeccable and his employment was, in fact, instrumental in the restructuring and enhancement of an inherited, stagnant security operation.

Gordon proved to me that he had the ability to assimilate information and clearly communicate with his Principal and to act in a quiet, confident manner when delivering close protection.  With not having a military or law enforcement background I was also impressed by his knowledge of general security matters; he proved to me beyond all doubt that, although useful, it is not a pre-requisite qualification to being a conscientious and trusted security professional. His knowledge of the industry, and in particular the niche arena of close protection was also useful to me in a later role as a Head of Security for an ultra high net worth businessman and his family.

Gordon was able to recommend several good close protection operators who, like him, had vast experience in working abroad and at a high level.  I successfully engaged much of this experience globally with the family that was based in Switzerland. I was delighted to learn that Gordon had decided to venture into differing but equally challenging areas within the security industry and sincerely wish him every success for the future. Bryan McCord MSyl RISC

Managing Director, Pivotal Protective Services Ltd

I have known Gordon Galloway for the last 2 years and have worked with him as part of a Close Protection and Residential Security Team for a HNW middle east client. More recently I employed Gordon for a security management task in Copenhagen in Nov/Dec 2017. This task required pre-production planning and client meetings of which Gordon displayed a mature and coherent understanding of the clients particular and demanding expectations for the 10day event.

My client, a global event brand, expect nothing less than an organized and completely focused security manager to execute the security plan utilizing a 4 man Oakmeadian Risk Management team to command and control an 80man strong venue security company from Copenhagen. The customer client, a Japanese Automobile leading brand have particular concerns over the secrecy and access control of their assets of which Gordon was ultimately responsible in creating and maintaining that environment with approximately 200 crew and 2000 attendees. This he achieved with a resounding success which was echoed from the customer client and our client respectively.

Gordon is a highly professional Security Operator with the ability to foresee problems and come up with solutions to counteract them before they occur. His planning and execution are meticulous when he conducts his role. As a leader, he demonstrates a high standard to his subordinates and encourages them to follow his example. Gordon is an intelligent, hard-working individual and a very effective Security manager and team operator. He is able to communicate at all levels and has a genuine character that allows him to easily fit into any workplace. He has the ability to operate in both hostile environments as well as the Corporate and executive arena. It is always a pleasure to work with Gordon and I have no hesitation in recommending him to any future employer or future clients that he may seek business with. David Terry

Director, Oakmedian Risk Management

Gordon Galloway is an experienced security operator of the highest calibre, having served as a close protection officer to a high profile Middle East royal family for over 15 years.

During this period, Gordon has been responsible for the detailed planning and successful execution of numerous missions. This has included arranging private air and ground movements throughout the world, liaison with law enforcement, government security forces and other support staff.

Gordon has prepared comprehensive security assessments and advised on the implementation of security protocols for the client’s residences, vehicles, assets, sensitive personal information and domestic staff.

Gordon presents himself as a very professional and knowledgeable individual who strives to work to the highest standard at all times. He regularly updates his skill set through continued education In a variety of security-related fields. David Ridley

Close Protection Team Leader

As the head of a Royal Household, it is vital that we ensure the people hired to guard and protect the Royal Family have the integrity and are discreet.  Gordon Galloway’s loyalty and professionalism were highly regarded by palace officials and the family, and as such he was trusted to perform duties where high-level clearance is needed. Brigid White

Palace Manager

For 20 years I was the owner of Richmond Day & Wilson Ltd ‘RDW’ a Corporate Investigation Company. Gordon Galloway worked for RDW in relation to Investigations and matters relating to Security Reviews. He was a fundamental part of the company’s success. His honesty, integrity and professionalism proved to be key factors in the successful outcome of many jobs.

RDW’s client base included many household named companies, Foreign Dignitaries and the United States Dept of Justice, where Gordon’s skill set was exceptional. The United States Justice Dept wrote a letter of recommendation relating to investigations and Security work that Gordon was involved with. An acknowledgement of such work is rarely documented in an individual letter. I highly recommend Gordon. Kenneth Day LL.B (Hons) Msc

Managing Director, Richmond Day & Wilson Ltd

I have known Gordon Galloway for the past 15 years.  He has worked with me with senior members of the Saudi royal family. Working with me he has organised private aircraft coordinated both security and VIP armoured transportation. In my opinion, he is a man that you would want organising any covert operations and personnel requirements that any client would need. Phil Wilford

Director, ESVI Ltd

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